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Pitch Like a Pro Pack


- Discovery Call Outline

- Pitching Toolset

- Pre-Pro Kit

- Production Recap


Onboarding clients is more steps than we like to admit. Systemizing this in a way that lets us do this quicker and more confidently communicate our value has increase yearly revenue, decreased time from call to booking and increased our profit per project. Our Pitch Like a Pro Pack gives creative a comprehensive way to land more work from music videos, commercial work and even wedding.


Get our proven resources that have generate $100k's of revenue for years.


Being organized is being creative. Organization starts with trusted and simple systems that are ready to use or adaptable.


Theal is driven to create tools that organize and empower creative leaders to grow their productions.

Pitch Like a Pro Pack

  • Optimized for Mac OS Pages and Numbers + Microsoft Word and Excel

    Reference PDF Attached

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