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Being in creative services is anything but easy.


I can't tell you how many creatives I've met that share their stories of struggle.

Hello, I'm Josh Emerick. I'm a video producer & founder (JECP, Myelin & Prsrve) focused on demystifying the video production process so that stories can thrive and teams can work better together.


I have a beautiful wife and healthy marriage with two handsome boys that bring me joy. Life is good these days, but I've seen dark days, struggled, and clawed my way to a position of leadership and care. I put a big emphasis on organization and how that impacts creativity.


From working with demanding clients, fears around money, losing potential jobs, struggles with work-life balance, and feeling like there aren't enough hours to get the work done. The list goes on and on. 


What's worse is that these conversations aren't shared.


As a result, creatives suffer alone.

I call this being in the dark.


This feeling will drive you mad. From depression to anxiety, the road to creativity is riddled with insecurity and inner battles. Conversations and ideas directly combat this and start "shining a light" on a helpful path forward.


This is the mission and purpose of Theal; Helping Creatives Out of the Dark.


Outside of our coaching services and products, we're dedicated to sharing experiences and ideas to help any creative think differently. Mentorship can be paid or free. Small actions stack up, and if we're hitting our goals,  we become a source of service.


As a creative, I figured too many things out alone. So Theal has become my passion project to help the next generation of creatives get better, stick around, and leave the space of creativity in a better place.


We're Theal. 

We believe we can improve the creative process while building a community.

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