you don't have to face your hurdles alone

Being in the creative services offers challenge after challenge. Coaching is about helping you find the solution within.



I'm a video Producer and owner of JECP, Myelin & PRSRVE with 18 years of developing my craft. I hit my wall of defeat in late 2017 after realizing my creativity wasn't enough. I see myself as a learner but realized my learner efforts towards gear, best practices, and tech weren't getting me to the next level, so I adjusted my education diet towards more business-related resources and started seeing big shifts. 

We were finally landing bigger budgets, aligning with our clients, and feeling less burned out, and each business started to have more direction and clarity. 

I have as much passion for building my businesses as I do for helping other creatives over their hurdles. Conversations contain power. I love deeply challenging problems and helping others see the solutions in themselves. 

I want to work with Creative business owners who are open to ideas, dedicated to a better life and feel comfortable being vulnerable.



I have a strong set of values on Curiosity, Honesty, and Support. This lets me come to the table as a learner, gathering details to support my community, giving critical feedback for growth, and aiming us toward mutual wins. The more ethical, strategic, and better-equipped creatives are the better the creative community is.


We want you to be present for sessions and playback gives you the ability to go back and replay or know you never miss a session. Busy season or slow, I'm dedicated to giving you the information you need.

action plans

ideas aren't enough. Growth requires actions and getting out of comfort zones. We give agendas, additional resources, and personalized action to love you through your hurdles, not just blanket advice.


Email, Text & Calls to support you through your journey. I want to hear about the wins and hurdles so we can keep your journey personal and help you one challenge at a time.


Photographer/Videographer of Earthwalker Media

"Josh is nothing short of absolutely genuine. That's huge for something like this, as I feel like many coaches are just focusing on the money. He genuinely wants to help everyone. I felt out of place at the beginning, but over time have gotten more confident in expressing my obstacles and problems within my business. There has been nothing but positivity within this program, and I am very grateful for that! Whenever I can share something that helps another student, it feels good as I am not a mentor myself!

I struggled with knowing my worth and having imposter syndrome. It's a little daunting to ask for help, but Josh has given me tools to use both within my business and life. I'm becoming more confident in myself and getting the value across to my clients easier."


 We want to make sure you're ready. Every stage of the business can be a risk,  and ensuring you're financially and in the right headspace plays a big role in making this program a success.

  • Open to challenging feedback

  • Embrace a learners mindset

  • Ability to be vulnerable

  • Have a giving nature

  • Can keep Time Commitments

  • Earning $40k-$100k Yearly

If these items feel manageable and you're interested, I strongly recommend you start the free trial and ensure I'm a good fit for you. I appreciate you looking everything over and considering this program. Great things are around the corner! 


Choose your pricing plan

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  • Personal Coaching

    Every month
    6-Month Program
    Valid for 6 months+ 14 day free trial
    • Personalized Coaching to Reach your Goals & Overcome Hurdles
    • Recorded Sessions for Playback
    • 2 Monthly Meetings Coordinated through Calendly
    • Action Items per Call
    • Available to continue after 6 Months
    • BONUS Access to the AMA Master Mind Group
  • AMA Mastermind Group

    Every month
    6-Month Group Coaching
    Valid for 6 months+ 30 day free trial
    • 2.5hr Group Coaching Session
    • Session Playbacks
    • Two Sessions a Month
    • Community Driven Environment
    • Lesson & Group Discussion Format
    • BONUS Niching & Positioning Program
    • Available to Continue after 6 Months
  • Nailing Your Niche

    Every month
    3-Month Niche & Positioning Program
    Valid for 3 months+ 14 day free trial
    • Discovering & Understanding Niche
    • Video Playback from each Session
    • 2 Sessions Per Month