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The Producers Pack | Complete Toolset


- ProBook V2

- Profit + Loss Simplifier

- Simple Budgeter

- Freelancer's List

- Gearlist Organizer


A comprehensive set of tools to kickstart every project. This set is focused on pre-production, managing financials, making it easier to communicate, improving your network, managing inventory, simplifying taxes and seeing real time business health. Todays producers are hybrid creatives who need all the systems and tools to make getting to set easier and earning the confidence of your team, client and all alike.


Being organized is being creative. Organization starts with trusted and simple systems that are ready to use or adaptable.


Theal is driven to create tools that organize and empower creative leaders to grow their productions.

The Producers Pack | Complete Toolset

  • Optimized for Mac OS Pages and Numbers + Microsoft Word and Excel

    Reference PDF Attached

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