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Want Bigger Budgets?

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

How we can overcome pricing hurdles, find the right clients and think differently about creative services.

It's not uncommon that creatives struggle with selling, let alone getting projects that are profitable, exciting and leave us feeling value. Sounds nearly impossible and truthfully I can relate. I do think it's possible to start shifting in this direction with a few minor tweaks, effort and follow through.

This subject is a deep dive and has quite a few directions, but I want to present the simplest problem I see creative overlook. What problem do you solve and how well do you communicate it up front?

A lot of creatives give their thinking away or spend more time talking through ideas, but don't spend the time asking questions, understand the problems and then applying creative solutions. This is where the magic happens and we stop leaving money on the table.

We raise our rates by understanding one simple idea. Our compensation is a direct reflection to the value of problems we solve. The better we communicate this, the more likely we are to raise our rates and "sell" the project. I take a deeper dive in the video below.

As a recap a few things to consider in landing the next "big" project or raising our rates.

Action Items
  • Ask more Questions

  • Price in Tiers -- Give at least 3 Options

  • What objective does your service solve

  • Where do you add the most value

  • Why are you the Ideal Partner

If this was helpful, I highly recommend picking up the book The Go-Giver. It's a powerful book, with simple ideas that are focused in this same way of thinking.

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