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Taking a Deeper Dive with Josh Emerick: There's More to the Story.

What you don't hear podcast artwork for the episode supporting Josh Emerick

This blog is often a place to share actionable tips, viewpoints, and things I have found helpful to my creative career. However, I'm changing the pace today and wanted to share more about who I am because perspective is just as important. It's about adding value to you.

Recently my good friend, Podcaster, Art Director, and business partner Ross Theisen had me back on his show What You Don't Hear (WYDH) to have a follow-up episode. I'm grateful to share more of my story, what I've learned, the challenges, growth, and everything.

Outside of my episode, WYDH is a fantastic podcast. It's based on life stories aimed to learn more about people we don't often hear about the journey, obstacles, and life lessons they have learned. I've watched Ross build this show for the past four years, and it makes me so proud to see what he's doing. I'm happy to be a guest and fan of the show and share stories with incredible people. This show has helped me grow by hearing many impactful people, learning more about the community, and realizing how driven and similar I am to others. It's helped me feel less alone as a creative business owner and human. My struggles feel less unique, and that comforts me.

Ross's interview style is empathetic, curious, and thoughtful, making every episode super engaging. I've been a returning guest on the second segment of the show for 15 Minute Fridays, where we share actionable advice. I also claim episode 4 of the show as a very early launch episode. Well, now I get to share a new accomplishment as being the first return guest to the show for a follow-up episode (Josh Emerick Returns: Episode 85).

I wanted to share here because it might help some of you get to know me better beyond what you see on social media, read through the blog, or assume. The past three years have been full of growth but also riddled with struggles, emotional hurdles, and resistance. In this episode, we take a deep dive into what's happened post-2019, diving into my values, continuing to build my career, the lifestyle I'm making, creating Myelin and continuing JECP, my legacy and impact, the reason I care so much about people, my lowest point and why I have the desire to take the hard way.

Quotes from the Episode

"Whenever I've faced a serious challenge, I like to remind myself I've done hard things before. So I can beat this next challenge too."

"I love to demystify complex processes... The power in simplifying things to where people can understand them... everyone can get excited about the experience."

"I am not willing to compromise who I am to fast track my career... it's in my DNA."

"When emotions are high, actions matter... emotions run high in any worthwhile relationship. Words sound good, but action is the key to being who you say you are."

"I never thought I'd be worthy of being loved. The more I can lean into being myself, the more I receive love the way I want it... it makes me more confident in everyday conversations... It allows me to keep pouring from a full cup."

I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to share my story and these life lessons on platforms like WYDH Pod. It's been therapeutic, helped my confidence grow, supported my career goals, and let me stay more connected to others.

As a closing, I'm sharing some advice.

Everyone has a story. There's something to relate to. So much of my growth has been due to life stories from others. I learn new things, apply lessons, feel less alone, gain confidence, and open my views to change my thinking. I'm describing a growth mindset.

A few years back in 2018, I almost called this whole creative career quits. I was lost, depressed, and hated myself. I credit Short Story Long Podcast for playing a pivotal role in helping me sort my feelings and rewire my thinking. Whenever I share more of my story, I hope to help someone like that show helped me.

If you listen to the episode and take something away, please reach out and share it with me, Ross, or the show. A great way to support shows like this and the value they hold is with feedback.



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