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The business of video is anything but a straight line. As in any business, you have challenges to overcome. It feels like everyone is crafting beautiful projects, and it's easy to get caught wondering how you get there.

It feels like being in the dark, truthfully.

We hope to shine some light. Video producers often learn by trial and error, clawing at growth.

We've found the most crucial area to improve is the pre-production phase. Having a foundation to work from reduces stress and creates clarity that impacts creativity. Having the right tools saves time and keeps things organized. Organization keeps the many moving parts in sync.

We're offering products to improve all phases of production, but our true calling is to improve workflows before you get on set. We aim to share information and tools that grow creatives. In doing this, we believe it will enhance the creative community for a strong focus on collaborating.

Nailing your process and getting organized reduces stress, reduces the client's buyers-remorse, and creates alignment among all parties involved in production.

We're Theal.

We believe we can improve the creative process while building a community.

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